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Well, with about a week left until the Madness begins, I thought it might be a good blog topic for us to debate what teams we could beat, and what teams would send us packing back to the Palouse for a long, long, long summer…And, to do it BEFORE the brackets are released.

Consider this a template for you all to NOT use when filling out your own bracket. Brinkhater has been anything but a soothsayer when it comes to Bracketology over the past say, 15 years (but in the 80’s, I was MON-AY).

Here’s one guy that I would love to see us play against, but would send us home in a hurry:

Yep, Ty Lawson would KILL us much in the same way that he and the Heels ran SC out of the gym in the second half of last year’s game in the Sweet 16. But honestly, if we’re going to go out (which we will at some point), I hope it’s against one of the giants.

But first, the teams that I think we would (or should) beat:

Tennessee (can we contain Lofton, yes!)

Memphis (can we keep them on the perimeter, yes!)


Duke (this would be a real push, but we’d HAVE to beat ratface)

Georgetown (would’ve beaten em last year too)

Stanford (we’re gonna beat em sometime, aren’t we???)


Notre Dame




Michigan State

Indiana (we would’ve gon 35-0 in the Big Ten)
Kansas State

Teams that Would Send us Packing

North Carolina






Vanderbilt (again)


West Virginia (I HATE Hugs–Bob that is)

Kentucky (look out)

Texas A&M

We’ll be back tomorrow for our quick prediction about how we will beat the Quack 3 straight times and send them packing to the NIT.

Sorry Quackers, your bubble will be burst in about 36 hours.

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