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Opening impressions

It was a pretty good opening to the season for the Twins, winning 3-2 and defeating the Angels, new home for former Twin Torii Hunter. We pretty much know what to expect from the every day players that we had last year, but there were 6 new faces in the lineup today. Six! Oh, and the starting pitcher was also new! So I thought I would take a quick look at those new players and just how they came across on their first game with the Twins.
Carlos Gomez: The replacement for Torii Hunter demonstrated exactly what he was added to the roster for. He has just an incredible motor. I think he sounds like this when running.
Delmon Young: The big offensive acquisition had a fine game, going 2/4 with a couple of singles and scoring a run. Exactly the type of game Young should have.
Craig Monroe: Monroe is the most worrisome of new acquisitions, as he smacks of Rondell White. He went 0/3 with a strike out and his replacement, Jason Kubel stepped in and got the extra base hit. Naysayers may notice all those things, but I would like to point out that he had a very similar line to Justin Morneau.
Mike Lamb: Another example of a guy performing at exactly the level we should expect. He was slotted in the 7 spot for a reason: he isn’t a dynamic offensive threat. However, Lamb is a solid player when looking at the other third base options that were available and compared to Twins third basemen of recent years.
Brendan Harris: While I could be a negative Nellie and note that the Twins are starting two former Rays in their opening day roster. But Harris brings a bat to the Twins lineup, one that was sorely lacking in years past. He went 2/4 and even turned a couple of double plays. Not bad, considering defense was supposed to be his biggest drawback.
Adam Everett: Everett is a wizard with the glove and the opposite of a wizard with the bat, whatever that would be. An unwizard? In any case, Everett can’t be judged by his bat, so I won’t do so. I promise.
Livan Hernandez: Livan Hernandez revealed his secret for getting 200 innings in annually. Dude is efficient! Not unlike a Carlos Silva, but historically a bit better. I can live with that.

Some may be a little pessimistic about the season, but I like the promise seen from this squad so far.

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Ryan Henning is the editor for two different sites with The Sports Daily, Barry Melrose Rocks and Twins Target. Additionally, Ryan is a meteorologist, and operates

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