Georges Laraque Rules

Georges Laraque Rules


Georges Laraque Rules


Too. Many. People. On. The. Ice/Floor.

In all seriousness, Georges Laraque is awesome. He recently organized a floor hockey game with a bunch of Pittsburgh kids to help support the Doorway Foundation, explained in the video as helping with people dealing with addiction.

Now, if I was a kid playing in this game, I’d be shitting in my britches just thinking about Laraque staring me down, politely asking to fight.

I can’t stand when idiotic fans of rival teams continually call Laraque a heartless goon without knowing anything other than his role as a team enforcer. Please hate on the guy who just received the Edward J. DeBartolo “Community Service” Award for helping the local community and charities. Yes, he’s a real bastard.

And that concludes my Friday post. Have a beautiful weekend. And be sure to check out Cotter’s Meeting People Is Easy, for which I’m a panelist for the third straight week. I should see if I can get paid for this.

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