One Ping Pong Ball to Rule Them All!

One Ping Pong Ball to Rule Them All!

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One Ping Pong Ball to Rule Them All!


I’d just like to take the time today to update you all on the fate of the universe. Well, at least the fate of the universe as it applies to all the non-playoff bound teams. For the rest of you, there’s that playoff thing. I don’t really know what that’s all about — or care.

For those of you on my side of the fence which is, you know, the one where we all are looking like broke former millionaires searching desperately for that one winning lottery ticket that’s going to change our lives forever, Monday is where it’s at (+1 if you can follow that sentence).

“Why, what could possibly be so important about a Monday,” you say. As it turns out, for those of us down on our luck and in search of that golden ticket, Monday is all about the draft. It’s the draft lottery. The lottery is going to take place at 8 pm EST from NHL HQ in NYC and will decide which teams that are out of the playoffs will draft in which positions. Naturally, I’m excited. For those of you in Los Angeles, you’re in luck. It turns out that you’ve got a 48.2% chance at getting that #1 pick. It may be a weak draft this year, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass. This is all we’ve got going for us right now, and I’m damn well going to milk it for all it’s worth!

The whole thing is going to be televised on TSN and Versus, all depending on which side of the 49th parallel you live on. This does beg one obvious question, will it be in HD?

And if you’re looking for a serious, detailed explanation of how this all works, head on over to the Good Doctor.
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