Isn't this what make the Olympics great?

Isn't this what make the Olympics great?


Isn't this what make the Olympics great?


Many are up in arms over the fact that the Chinese have the Olympic games this year, and in case you hadn’t heard, there have been protests. I’m not here to get into geopolitical quagmires, but this all started with riots and what not in Tibet. The whole Free Tibet movement got going and it spoke to certain people in Europe and San Francisco for whatever reason (I don’t see them getting all worked up about Chechnya or the Tuareg‘s (no not these), or hell, even Quebec. Granted, Quebec’s situation is different, but I want a Free Quebec movement at the Vancouver Olympics).
But anyways. The whole situation has cast a bad light on China, from their human rights record to the air pollution and to the status of the facilities (bad, bad, incomplete). In short, the whole thing is turning into an embarrassment for a nation that takes none to kindly to being embarrassed. When they games finally do start, the Chinese are going to be out for blood. Or gold. Probably both.
The games are meant to be a break in the politics and strife of the world, but historically, some of the best moments in Olympic history have been with the backdrop of politics or evil in need of embarrassment. Think Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin games, where he absolutely crushed the Germans right in front of Hitler. Think the Miracle on Ice, when the scrappy Americans came back and nipped those pinko Commies at their own game.
Typically, the country that we felt good about embarrassing was embarrassed during competition, but this time, China has been embarrassed before things have even began. It will actually be exciting, as they try to save face, and America kicks their asses all over the court/field/track/pool (but not ping pong table). The Olympics are going to be fun this year, so you know what protesters? Relax.
Better yet, don’t.

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