More On The Yankee Stadium Curse

More On The Yankee Stadium Curse

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More On The Yankee Stadium Curse


As you heard yesterday a construction worker building the new Yankee Stadium buried a Red Sox shirt in the concrete to curse the Yankees. Here is what he told the NY Post:

“As I stuck it in, I said, ‘The Yankees are done for the next 30 years.’ I only put a 30-year curse because I’m 46 and in 30 years I’ll be dead, and I won’t care if the Yankees win then.”

It was a #34 David Ortiz jersey that was placed in the concrete because according to the worker:

“The reason why is George Steinbrenner told [Yankees GM Brian] Cashman to get Ortiz and Cashman told him, we don’t need him, We have [Jason] Giambi and Nick Johnson.”

The Yankees have already released a statement saying there is no shirt in the concrete. The only problem is pictures came out today in the Post. This is the funniest thing to happen to the Yankees in a long time. They are now talking about digging up the concrete but the worker has not disclosed the exact location. Ha ha.

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