Rays' Reyes Tased

Rays' Reyes Tased

Red Sox

Rays' Reyes Tased


Tampa Bay pitcher Joes Reyes became the most famous person to get tased by police since the “don’t tase me bro” guy.

Following what must have been some good cocktails, Reyes fell down and then picked a fight with a guy and spit blood on patrons. Reyes was apparently celebrating his 38th birthday.

Reyes later explained and apologized, “I tried to have a good time on my birthday but I guess that was the worst one. I just want to apologize again to my teammates, the organization, the owner and the fans for what happened last night.”

I turn 38 in September. I may try the Jose Reyes party approach. How bad can it be to get tased? Do you really feel it after that much booze?

By the way, Reyes pitched tonight and got the final two outs in the eighth inning for the Rays. Try that with a raging hangover.

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