Some remarks from Eli Manning and Amani Toomer

Some remarks from Eli Manning and Amani Toomer

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Some remarks from Eli Manning and Amani Toomer


1) Interesting take from Toomer on the W17 game…from… While nobody associated with the Giants felt good about losing the regular season game to the Patriots, some felt there were positives to be taken because the game showed that the Giants could compete with the NFL’s best team. Toomer, however, dissented from that opinion. “I was really ticked off about that,” Toomer said. “I felt we should have beaten that team that time, and everybody was so happy and giddy. I remember being really upset the whole week. I was thinking some people were happy just to be in the game. I must have totally misread (the team’s reaction to the New England loss) because everybody came out the next week with just so much confidence,” Toomer said. “I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I felt like we came out and played hard and we knew that we had a tough opponent and we went out and took it to them, so I was pretty excited about that.

Ultimatenyg remark- Toomer’s comments are enlightening. We thought that the W17 loss was very positive for all the reasons that were discussed in the media following the game and reflected upon numerous times thereafter. It is fascinating to learn that Toomer was initially upset because he DID NOT GET IT. He misunderstood the optimism. He thought his teammates should not have been happy about a loss. What he missed is that the players were excited about playing their best football of the season. The confidence that came from that clearly carried forward to the next four games in a big way. Maybe we should report Toomer to Antonio Pierce for jumping off the bandwagon!

2) Oh my goodness, another Eli quote. Someone wake me up! “If we stay the same team as we were last year, we are not going to be able to (win a championship) again. We have to become a better team.” This guy must be eating his wheaties. He gets it!

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