When Are They Gonna Start Hitting?

When Are They Gonna Start Hitting?

Red Sox

When Are They Gonna Start Hitting?


It’s not like Chen-Ming Wang is a Cy Young award winner or anything, but the Sox sure made him look like one tonight. Wang had a no-hitter going in the fifth.

J.D. Drew hit a home run in the 5th, and continues to be one of the only Sox players with a hot bat. Ortiz went 0-3 causing Jerry Remy to note that this is the longest Big Papi slump that he can remember. Just about everybody else was hitless too, except for Coco, who managed one hit in the game. What’s going on here? Drew is hitting .429 while Otiz is hitting just .077??!! Coco is hitting .296 while Manny is hitting .256??!!

The poor offensive showing overshadowed what was a good night for Clay Buchholz. He went 6 innings with only one earned run.

J.D. Drew deserves his props. He is off to a great start. It’s time for the rest of the Sox hitters to recognize that it’s April, not March, and that it’s Wang on the mound, not Johan Santana. It’s the Evil Empire in town Sox fans. It’s time to get the get the offense going.

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