Wolves Updates 4/13

Wolves Updates 4/13

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Wolves Updates 4/13


Timberwolves Coach Randy Wittman, a former Magic assistant coach, said he has been assured by owner Glen Taylor that he would be back next season. Wittman has two years left on his contract. He expected the T-Wolves to go through some growing pains this season after trading star Kevin Garnett. "We knew it would be bumpy," Wittman said. 
The Wolves have only two games left — Tuesday at Detroit, Wednesday at
home against Milwaukee — and now after winning their 21st game are
within one victory of catching the 22-victory Grizzlies in the
standings. Memphis finishes the season at Portland and Denver.
At stake is either a 15.6 percent or 11.7 percent chance at getting the No. 1 pick in the June draft.
Brewer said his focus this offseason will be working
on three areas: ball handling, jump shooting and gaining weight and
He plans to hire a nutritionist to help him add muscle and size to his 6-foot-9, 185-pound frame.
"I feel like I can put on some weight," Brewer said.
"That’s going to be a focus. I always do a lot of weight lifting. But
you focus on that during the offseason. You really don’t want to try
put much weight on during the season because that can throw your game
Brewer’s playing time for the T-Wolves has been sporadic, and his jump
shots has left him for long stretches. He entered Friday’s game
averaging 5.6 points in 22.6 minutes per game. He’s started 35 games,
but he’s back in a reserve role now.
"The losing has probably been the toughest thing," said Brewer of
Minnesota having the third-fewest wins in the NBA. "I still haven’t
gotten used to it. After games, I’m still that way when we lose. I’ve
never really lost this many games at any level, so it’s been hard for
Richards’ biggest adjustment has been losing instead of winning. At 20-59, the T-Wolves have the NBA’s third-worst record.
“It’s different,” he said. “It’s new, but you have to try to learn
from every loss and go from there. I never want to get used to losing,
I don’t really like losing, but at the same time, it’s reality and it’s
happening. So I have to try and take something from all the losses.”
Such are the tricks of the mind you consider employing in such an
inconsistent, baffling rookie season such as the one Corey Brewer has
had. Some nights, you see a jump shot that spins sideways and conclude
the Wolves brass have done it again with their personnel decisions.
Then there are games such as Friday’s at Orlando, where Brewer was
aggressive and athletic and made as many shots as he missed (believe it
or not).
A rare five-game week yielded opening losses at home to Memphis on
Sunday and New Orleans on Wednesday and on the road at Charlotte on
Tuesday. They extended the latest losing streak to six (and eight of
nine) before rallying to beat Orlando on Friday and capping the week
with a victory at Memphis on Saturday, disappointing fans hoping for
lottery chances.


Wolves swingman Kirk Snyder tweaked an ankle during Friday night’s 102-101 win at Orlando. 


Timberwolves Vice President Kevin McHale was in Portsmouth, Va., scouting an NBA camp. 


Postgame quotes from the Wolves loss in Orlando

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