Hostile Environment

Hostile Environment

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Hostile Environment


This seems to be the common theme (besides "LeBron blows") of this series. LBJ and KG both have used it frequently when describing home court advantage. As far as I see it, there are two forces colliding in Game 3. Let's start with the obvious: The Cavs will feed off their crowd, benefit from their "home" rims and James will get more calls, make that a lot more calls. The Jazz, Spurs and Magic all won Game 3 on their home court after falling down 2-0 in the series.

But here's what the Celtics have on their side: A major chip on their shoulder. They were embarassed by their inability to win a road game against Atlanta. They can right that ship and silence plenty of critics by coming out strong in this one. I'm guessing Cleveland wins this battle of forces in Game 3, but the Celtics will prevail in Game 4.

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I wonder how Lakers fans are feeling about Pau Gasol this morning? Not only did he turtle in last night's loss to Utah, but he whined to the refs the whole game. And then he took his sulking back into the locker room where he dressed in a separate area. (Check out this great column by Bill Plaschke) This is the guy who's going to handle KG?

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