Wallace Out, Sideshow Andy In

Wallace Out, Sideshow Andy In

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Wallace Out, Sideshow Andy In


Ben Wallace could very well be out for tomorrow night's game 3.

Cavaliers starting forward Ben Wallace is doubtful for Game 3 of Cleveland's playoff series against the Boston Celtics because of allergies and a left inner ear infection.

Wallace underwent a series of tests at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday. The team said the defensive stopper could be upgraded but it was "best case, 50-50" that Wallace would play Saturday in Game 3.

Cavs coach Mike Brown said if Wallace can't go, Anderson Varejao would likely start up front alongside LeBron James and Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Ben Wallace isn't the same Big Ben he used to be… but I'm pretty sure Cavs fans would rather have him in there against KG rather than Andy Varejao.  Judging from the comment I posted earlier today… and various other comments I've seen over in Cavs-land… their fans aren't exactly enamoured with his play right now. 

As I post this… Utah's shooters are on fire against the Lakers in their first home game.  I'm pretty sure that's something we should expect tomorrow night.  Nothing like some home cookin' to get those shots falling… especially from LeBron.  Maybe Varejao starting can throw off their rhythm a little.  He seems to think he's a better offensive player than he really is.  Maybe he'll get caught up in the flow tomorrow night… and take some rally-killing shots that he has no business taking. 

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