Cannibal Crushing Carlo Calabrese

Cannibal Crushing Carlo Calabrese

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Cannibal Crushing Carlo Calabrese


Carlo Calabrese is officially Irish. Most Irish fans have been fairly certain of an early commitment from the New Jersey native, but recruiting can always be unpredictable. He gave that commitment to Charlie Weis and NDNation tonight as a present to us fans and to his mother, who was pulling for Notre Dame the whole time.

Notre Dame gets a straight MONSTER. Think Katzenmoyer… only literate. The 6’2″ 225 lbs. middle linebacker has played mostly in a 4-4 setting, but has had some experience in a 4-3 as the blitzing backer. He is big, and moves very well. What he lacks in top end speed he makes up for in his ability to move around in traffic. Once he gets to his man- BOOM. That SOB goes down.

The 4 star prospect is the fifth commitment for Notre Dame’s incoming class of 2009. Carlo turned down offers from Rutgers, Boston College, Pitt, Florida, and a host of others. He is another Jersey kid and hails from the same High School as former Irish great, TE Anthony Fasano.

This should most certainly help with recruiting momentum and helps the Irish staff put together the numbers needed to have a full and successful class.

Subway Domer approved training regimen.

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