Dungy says Philly PD not likely to implicate Harrison

Dungy says Philly PD not likely to implicate Harrison


Dungy says Philly PD not likely to implicate Harrison


On Mike and Mike in the Morning today, Tony Dungy said that they’ve talked to the Philly PD, and while the investigation is ongoing, it now seems very unlikely that Marvin Harrison will be directly implicated or affected by the situation that was reported a few weeks ago.

Score one for the brick and mortar media. Way to really get the story right. Why does everyone hate bloggers again? What honestly is the difference between Deadspin and ESPN when they report unsubstantiated rumors and sensationalistic reports?

Dungy also said it was unfortunate that the Patriots accomplishments were tarnished. I’m sure this will get inflamed and sound-bitten to death, but if you hear the context in which he was speaking, he talked at length about what a great team they have and that it was a shame they’ve been tarnished and that people now won’t remember them for how great they really are.

Listen, they HAVE been tarnished. No one looks at them the same way anymore. If someone wants to say they SHOULDN’T be tarnished, that’s fine, but it doesn’t change the reality that they are. The comments were pretty innocuous, but I’m sure the Pats crazies will make too big a deal out of it.

Chad sends us this about Jr. If he gets to 599, and I can be in Cincy, I’m going at least once.

I missed this a couple of days ago. TMQ argues for a Belichick suspension. It’s interesting and almost persuasive. Personally, I think it’s worse for him that there be no closure. As long as the public feels like he’s gotten away with cheating, they’ll hate him more for it. I’m good with people hating him as long as they want. I think the public contempt does more to control cheating than a suspension would. Shame is a powerful tool that our society has forgotten.

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