KG Cast - Episode 12

KG Cast - Episode 12

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KG Cast - Episode 12


College Wolf and Bonk Co-KG Cast:  ECF Game 2

Tonight:  College Wolf and Bonk

Game:  Celtics Lose Game 2: 97-103.
              ECF Tied 1-1.

College Wolf and Bonk here bringing you the "KG Cast – Episode 12",
after tonight’s Game 2 loss to the Detroit Pistons.  The Celtics fell 97-103 in what is their first home loss of the 2007-08 NBA Playoffs.  The series is now tied one game apiece, and shifts to Motown for Game 3 on Saturday night.  Like Stella, Ray Allen may have finally gotten his groove back.  Unfortunately, the Pistons also played great, and were finally able to steal a home tilt from the Celtics.  The Big Three combined for 75 points, but had little other offensive help; while the Detroit Pistons were very balanced, with all their starters scoring in double figures.  The 800 pound gorilla sitting squarely in the middle of the room is whether or not the Celtics will finally be able to win a game on the road during these playoffs.  The next chance is this Saturday.  I think they can, and will.  Check it out~



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