It's Our Own Damn Fault

It's Our Own Damn Fault

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It's Our Own Damn Fault


rajon rondo and tayshaun prince

Dumb mistakes and offensive rebounds.  That's all that stood between the Celtics and a Game 2 win last night.  Hey Rajon… what the hell were you thinking here?  Its a classic example of the crap the Celtics saddled themselves with last night.  Cheap, dumb fouls… away from the basket… when the guy wasn't a threat to score. Rajon's not alone… I think most guys on the team had at least one dumb foul in this game. 

tony allen falls for another pistons upfakeAnd what the hell is up with playing 20 seconds of great defense… and then relaxing when you force someone to take a shot they don't want?  Hey guys… you just forced an off-balance shot… you think there MIGHT BE A REBOUND?  Time and time again… I watched the Celtics stand there while they gave themselves second and third chances.  Even when the Pistons didn't convert second chance points… they were able to run precious time off the clock.

And how many times are the Celtics going to fall for up-fakes? 

You can toss all the analysis in this game out the window.  The Celtics made dumb mistakes and didn't finish off plays on the defensive end.  A couple of extra seconds of effort on each play might have led to a win.  Now they've got to go into Detroit and take home court back. 

But… there is one thing that should encourage us all.

This is the Pistons 9th straight Game 2 win.  Over the past 4 years… they're 2-9 in Game 3's.  The Pistons are perfectly happy going 6 or 7… so its up to the Celtics to get out there this weekend and get the job done. 

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(Rajon Rondo Photo:  ESPN Screen Capture.  Tony Allen Photo:  Boston Herald)

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