The Billups Layup

The Billups Layup

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The Billups Layup


Every single one of us sat there dumbfounded as Chauncey Billups got an uncontested lay up off an out of bounds play to end the game :20 left.

The X's and O's of Basketball does a fantastic job of breakindg down the double stagger curl that sprung Chauncey for the layup. 

Of course… the entire play could have been avoided if Paul Pierce had angled his body to protect the hoop.  I mean… Billups never would have gotten the pass if Pierce was angled so we could see the back of his jersey.  Meanwhile… if the pass had gone into corner… he could have contested the shot.  I don't care who is shooting that corner jumper.  Given the choice… you ALWAYS give up the corner jump shot rather than a pass to the hoop.  I don't know if he was expecting help… but still… bad play by Pierce there.

(link via TrueHoop).

Also on TrueHoop… the question of when to start fouling at the end of a game.  I made the same comment in our forums.  With :41 left… the Celtics chose not to foul… and I think they should have.  At :40… you need to start forcing them to take free throws.  I don't care if they make them.  You stop the clock and try to push the issue.  Bad move at the end there by the C's.

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