What's Up With Posey?

What's Up With Posey?

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What's Up With Posey?


james posey and rodney stuckey

Charter member Tim (a.k.a 'Fire Doc') posed this in our forums.

I'm a big Posey fan, but he has been absolutely horrible the last 5 or 6 games. I can live with him not hitting his shot, but his defense has been atrocious. Lebron shot somethink like 35% with Pierce on him, and near 60% with Posey on him.

Were you watching last night when they put him on Rip for a couple of posessions? It wasn't even a contest. I don't remember him taking a charge recently, which he did all season. And, both he and Pierce were responsible for that layup Billups had at the end of the game.

I may not have been looking at it… and maybe I was going a little too nuts to notice. 

But I have noticed a drop off in Posey's play over the past couple of games.  And since I've considered Posey perhaps the most valuable player on this team in the past… could Posey be the reason why the Celtics have been having a hard time recently?

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