A Lot Of People Will Be Wrong

A Lot Of People Will Be Wrong

Red's Army

A Lot Of People Will Be Wrong


Ladies and Gentlemen… the picks are in.  Not a lot of green in there, huh? 

So there it is… the Celtics are officially the big underdog.  The 66 win, #1 in defense, 3-headed offensive threat Celtics are expected to be a mere speedbump to the one-man offenisve show that plays mediocre defense. 

A lot of people are going to have to explain why they were so wrong.  We're going to see a lot of "in the end… the matchups just favored the Celtics" being written around the country.  We just happen to be saying it now.  The matchups favor the Celtics.

My favorite part about that graphic is that its sitting next to an Accuscore graphic showing the Celtics as 53% to 47% favorites in game 1 after running 10,000 simulations. 

Thanks to Josh for bringing this up in the comments.

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