Wolves Updates 5/31

Wolves Updates 5/31

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Wolves Updates 5/31


"I’m working out with Minnesota – I fly out Sunday from here to Minnesota. Then I’ll be working out with Seattle a couple of days after that." 
The Timberwolves? Really? What about the report from yesterday that Lopez wasn’t interested in working out for the Wolves? Hogwash, says Lopez.
"I don’t know – I’ve been a Minnesota fan my whole life."
Ian Thomsen/SI.com on Brook Lopez: 

Another scout sees Lopez’s glass as half full.

"I agree he won’t be a great rebounder or a great shot-blocker,” he said. "I see him as a spurt player who will be very good in bursts of time — four or five minutes — and then he might disappear for a while. But he’s a very big guy with big hands, and he’s very skilled. I think he’ll always be a scorer and the kind of smart center who can be a good complement to Al Jefferson in Minnesota. I don’t think he’ll be a bust, not at all.” 

JAY-Z is bored with hip-hop. It was around 1 a.m. on a Thursday in late
June, and he was in the V.I.P. room at the 40/40 Club, the sports bar
he owns on West 25th Street in Manhattan. The professional basketball
stars Antoine Walker and Tracy McGrady sat on one side of the room
playing cards while Jay-Z was in a corner holding court with the
producer Timbaland and the 18-year-old basketball phenom LeBron James,
who seemed more interested in playing a video game on his cellphone. 

Marney Gellner, a popular host and sideline reporter for FSN North, will switch from full time to part time this July.
Gellner and her husband welcomed their first child, Grady Lyle, on
March 25. She returned from maternity leave Wednesday but has decided
to cut back on her work schedule.

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