KG Cast - Episode 16

KG Cast - Episode 16

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KG Cast - Episode 16


"KG Cast 16": Game 3 of the NBA Finals

Tonight:  College Wolf

Game:  Celtics lose Game 3: 87-81.
            Celtics lead NBA Finals 2-1.

The Celtics could have won this game.  They were certainly in it until the end.  They had their chance to win and go up 3-0, and let it slip through their grasp.  In fact, the C’s were up 68-66 with seven minutes left in the game, but they just couldn’t close it out.  On the other side of the court, the LA Lakers happen to have the best closer in the game.  Oh yeah, and he was MVP this season too.  Kobe was the player of the game, having one of his best games in the 2008 playoffs.  The Lakers pulled off a tough game at home, to get back in this series; down two games to one.  It will be very interesting to see how Game 4 plays out Thursday night at Staples Center.  Until then~





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