Win Rajon's Headband

Win Rajon's Headband

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Win Rajon's Headband


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Rondo's putting up trivia questions on his blog… and handing out autographed headbands to people who get the right answer.  Here's the first one:

We'll start with a high school question. I went to Oak Hill Academy and 2004 I set the school record for most assists in a game with 31. Who's record did I break?

I didn't know the answer… but Google did.  He broke his own record (which was 27).  Nice idea by Rajon… but I'm sure he didn't account for the Google factor.  I'll bet he puts a limit on this.  Unless of course he's handing out a few hundred headbands a day.

And before you get pissed that I gave away the answer… about 4 dozen people have already put that answer up.  You want to add to the list.  Be my guest.

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