Wolves Updates 6/12

Wolves Updates 6/12

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Wolves Updates 6/12


-The Timberwolves report sales of 539 season tickets resulting from their new "pay a pick" promotion, which set the price of a per-game ticket dependent on the team’s overall pick (No. 3) in the NBA June 26 draft. So tickets were priced at $3 a game and $129 for a season ticket.
-The Timberwolves’ radio analyst job, made available by the departure of Billy McKinney, won’t necessarily be filled by a former player. A coach is a possibility, too. 
Former Nevada basketball player Kirk Snyder will be at the Boys &
Girls Club of Truckee Meadows today from 4-7 p.m. to discuss his
transition into the NBA, answer questions from the children and help
participants in the Club’s “Ballers” basketball program perfect their
playing skills.

From Journal-Enterprise:
The Dust Bowl committee (Sheena Baker, Calvin McReynolds, Latoya Woolfolk and Billy Woolfolk) opened its doors this year to one of the most spectuclar events in its 10-year history. Players including current NBA star Greg Buckner (Denver Nuggets) who brought a team for the third straight year from Hopkinsville, along with Kentucky great Patrick Sparks, Albert Jackson (Georgia) and Kentucky All-Star Scotty Hopson (headed to University of Tennessee) brought “their game” to Providence this year. 


"We are very pleased to be continuing our relationship with the Sioux Falls
Skyforce as our D-League affiliate," said Timberwolves Vice President of
Basketball Operations Kevin McHale. "Sioux Falls is a first-class organization
with great ownership and a solid coaching staff led by Nate Tibbetts. Last
season, our affiliation benefited rookie Chris Richard as he was able to gain
valuable playing time and experience while on assignment in Sioux Falls. The
D-League continues to be a great opportunity for young players to improve all
facets of their game, benefiting both the players and the NBA teams."

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