Early evening wrapup

Early evening wrapup

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Early evening wrapup


As we get closer and closer to opening day, you will see a lot of blogs increase their output. The BBC is no exception. College football may be the #1 priority of the specific blog, but it’s not the only sport in town. With that, here’s a few other subjects rattling around the BBC braintrust.

NFL preseason

…or, as ESPN calls it “Brett Favre and a bunch of other teams that might play against Brett Favre this year.”

If you’re new to the BBC (and judging by the increased page visit numbers from 2007, you are), it should be pointed out that we’re based in Northeast Ohio, and are therefore fans of the Cleveland Browns. However, on Monday night for a span of about 3 hours, I disavowed any knowledge of the Browns, because they apparently were nowhere to be found.

The bad news is that against the Giants Monday night, they looked like the least-disciplined team I’d ever seen in the NFL. Stupid penalties, horrible ball-handling, confusion all around.

The good news is that it was pre-season. Nobody cares.

Last year, the Browns had a first quarter similar to the opening fiasco against New York….the only difference is that it was in a meaningful game, the season-opener against Pittsburgh. Let’s just put that behind us and hope that the 2008 Browns learn their lessons as fast as they did in 2007.

Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn

Prior to the 2007 season, Brady Quinn held out of camp in a contract dispute. I have no qualms in saying that his dispute cost him the starting job. If he had been in camp on Day One, he would have been better prepared and may have been given the starting nod when Charlie Frye fell flat on his face.

BQ, meet your second chance in life.

Derek Anderson suffered a mild concussion against the Giants and will sit out this Saturday’s game against the Lions. It is believed that he will miss the final preseason game, but that’s not yet been determined. Quinn gets the starting nod in his place, and is expected to take snaps into the third quarter.

Granted, one pre-season half of play will not automatically give him the full-time gig, but the benefits of getting reps with the first team all week in practice can only increase his chances. If he shines on Saturday, we’ve got ourselves a quarterback controversy.

Troy Smith

Considering this is his day on the BBC, this is a nice piece of news. Smith will start at QB for Baltimore in this weekend’s pre-season game against St. Louis.

Smith started last weekend’s game, but the Ravens only called five pass plays with him on the field. On the ground, TS picked up 35 yards in only three carries.

Smith is in the same boat as Quinn…he’s not being given the job, but he has an extraordinary opportunity to steal it away for himself. A bevy of reps with the first-team offense in practice, and an extended stay on the field in the game might get him the nod in Week 1 at home against Cincinnati. (note to Troy – Leon Hall plays defense for Cinci. You already own that little bitch. Whip his ass. Oh, and Carson Palmer said some stuff about your college team. Ask to play defense and whip his ass too)

Kyle Boller came into the year as the shaky frontrunner for the job, but has clearly lost his foothold, especially after turning the ball over twice last week and three times in the Ravens two games. ESPN is reporting that Boller may not even play against St. Louis.

Step it up, Troy and get that job.

The Cleveland Indians

This season was doomed early on, with the injuries to four key players, Travis Hafner, Victor Martinez, Fausto Carmona and Jake Westbrook. Two of our best offensive weapons and two of our top three pitchers were gone early. Add in the misery of an April for CC Sabathia, and it was all but over.

So there hasn’t been much joy at the Jake (yes, I’m calling it the Jake, dammit). Until now.

The Indians have won 8 of their last 11 games and have a pretty easy schedule down the stretch. If you’re asking me if I think they’ll make up 15 games in the final 6 weeks, my answer is hell no…but they could make it fun.

But then again….22 of their next 25 games are against teams below .500. Could it be?

Nah, I’d better not get carried away.


College football must be fast approaching. I have my own special way of telling. It’s when Michigan fans start barraging my YouTube videos with negative comments, and pounding their chests with how “awesum teh Wolverines are gonna B”. They especially like to play Keyboard Kommandoes on my “Ohio State OWNS Michigan” and “Chad Henne Is A Joke” videos (with a combined 432,000 views, than you).

Last year, they disappeared quickly (losing to 1-AA schools tend to do that to a fanbase), but I expect them to stay hyperactive through most of the season in ’08. They’ll keep hugging RichRod’s nutsack until his failures become their own, same as Carr. Then, just before they can begin to scream for Rodriquez to be fired, he’ll weasel out of his contract to coach somewhere else. You know it, I know, even THEY know it.

But in case you’re wondering why you don’t see any anti-OSU comments on the YouTube vids….I delete them and block the user as soon as they pop up. YouTube gives the video author that power, and dammit I’m gonna use it. It’s especially funny when they re-register and try to post the same comment. Dude, I push two buttons (‘Block User’ and ‘Remove Comment’) and you’re gone again. Don’t waste your time.

on my dad

Hey, thanks for all your nice comments and e-mails last week.

Dad’s doing much better, and is back on track for rehab/physical therapy. His problems did indeed stem from steroids. he wasn’t getting enough to control everything following his brain surgery (there’s a message, kids. Make sure you get enough steroids!). He’s going to be in the hospital recovering for at least another week, maybe 2 or 3. He’s not happy about it, but he’s even more upset that the hospital doesn’t have the Big Ten Network, and he’ll miss the opener against YSU.

Attaboy, Dad. Priorities.

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