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Read Me!


Read Me!


As I may have mentioned a little while ago, I’ve got a new gig. I’m going to be contributing at Barry Melrose Rocks on Thursdays while Beth takes care of things here. Kevin, head honcho at BMR will in turn be coaching the Edmonton Oilers on Thursdays while Craig MacTavish runs the African nation of Gabon for one day a week. Meanwhile, Gabonese president Omar Bongo will fill in as chief zoologist at the zoo in Vienna, Austria. Meanwhile, regular zoologist Harald Schwammer will tend to Thomas Q. Crabtree’s humidor on Thursday’s so Mr. Crabtree can work for Beth at Real Job Inc. It’s all very circuitous.
My duties at BMR include writing something hockeyesque on Thursdays, and never, ever using Microsoft Paint to copy and paste a blog hetter ever again. So come and read me! READ ME!

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