The Steelers Are Pranksters

The Steelers Are Pranksters


The Steelers Are Pranksters


Good to see the team gelling and having chemistry, no?

If you’re Santonio Holmes, how do you fall for the oldest trick in the book? A large group of teammates hands you a water bottle, complete with shit-eating grins all around, and you still don’t expect some sort of hijinks? If Silverback was staring at me with a toothy smile, I’d immediately think the worst. Pee in the bottle…a loosened lid…or anything in between. I mean, how many times do groups of people watch you drink? You’re ‘sposed to have good field awareness, San Antonio!


Those speech bubbles killed me. Kinda NSFW, language-wise, but funny nonetheless.

Watch out for the Saran Wrap on the toilets, Santonio.

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