Bagpipe Monday... The March of War

Bagpipe Monday... The March of War

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Bagpipe Monday... The March of War


No surprise. People want Hammond out and Rick James to bitch slap the nation. (Apparently, a dead musician brings more life to an Irish game than Tom “Look at that triple axle!” Hammond. However, a lot of you were really pushing the envelope with Rachel Ray. I wonder why…

  • 41% Rick James
  • 24% Rachel Ray
  • 14% Dan Fouts (You people should have your head examined)
  • 13% Brian Boitano
  • 3% Tom Brokaw
  • 2% Eric Dickerson

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This weeks pipes are to get you people fired up. It’s game week people! Get off your ass and rock out and start marching onward to victory…

I swear. Tony, if you go canoeing with your wife before you hear the pipes… there will be hell to pay!

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