Ryan's NFL Preview: NFC North

Ryan's NFL Preview: NFC North


Ryan's NFL Preview: NFC North


On this Labor day, we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the division most Victorians will have to labor through this year. Get it? Hilarious

Minnesota Vikings: People lamented the Vikings poor pass defense of last season while ignoring the fact that it was so bad for one simple reason. Their run defense was phenomenal, and opponents were inclined to throw the ball more, leading to inflated stats against thier pass defense. So, since the Vikings front office is stupid, they went out and spent all their resources on trying to improve their pass defense when really, the biggest problems with this team are on offense. They added Bernard Berrian, saying he is the new deep threat, even though he was the second receiver on a team that now has a fumble prone defensive back as their number one receiver. And Tarvaris Jackson is terrible. And the most exciting thing about their coach is his moustache. Despite all this, they could win 7 games and still handily win the NFC North.

Detroit Lions: I just don’t know. At least they have a diverse offense. A second place finish should mean Matt Millen’s job is safe. But… I just don’t know.

Green Bay Packers: Again. I don’t know. They won last year despite Brett Favre, but people will know about Ryan Grant this year. Aaron Rodgers is going to need time to grow into the role. I think he seems like a smart guy and can handle the pressure, but I really don’t think the team around him is that good. The three team at the bottom could all go 6-10. So I’m not sure how to pick them. I drew straws.

Chicago Bears: Unlike these other teams, the Bears have absolutely no offense. If they win any games this year, it’s going to be because of their special teams play. The Bears may have the first pick in the draft next year. Will they pick Tim Tebow, despite how the last Florida QB worked out for them? Of course, they could still end up winning the division too, so who knows.

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