It’s gonna happen, and I’ll miss it???

It’s gonna happen, and I’ll miss it???

zz The Buckeye Battlecry

It’s gonna happen, and I’ll miss it???


Getting on a plane to California in a couple hours, taking my daughter to Disneyland….so I thought I’d post once this morning before I leave.  I’ll have a laptop, so I’ll check in with you from the road as well.

But I want to remind all you Buckeye fans how lucky you are.

This weekend, for the first time ever, Terrelle Pryor will start at QB, and Beanie Wells will be behind him at RB.  The two have been on the field together, against Youngstown State, but only for a few plays.  Saturday, they are starting together.

Think of the possibilities.  How is Minnesota going to defend two explosive players in the same backfield?  Option plays could be deadly for the Gophers.

Anyway, you’re lucky.  I won’t get to see it.  The game starts at 9am PST, my hotel doesn’t have the Big Ten Network, and you try and tell a 9-year-old that she has to wait until Noon to go to Disneyland.

Enjoy it, Buck fans!  I’ll be following along on ESPNMobile.

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