The Marketing Of An 8 Year Old

The Marketing Of An 8 Year Old

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The Marketing Of An 8 Year Old


The story of Marquise Walker is one of the most interesting stories you're going to find.

He's 8, and he's already a basketball phenom.  You might have already seen that YouTube clip… or others like it.  But his appearance on YouTube since he was a kindergartner is no accident.  Its a carefully plotted marketing ploy by his father.  And it's the subject of this ESPN Outside The Lines Piece.  It's amazingly fascinating… and it's amazingly confusing.

I'm trying to picture myself as the father of a 5 year old who suddenly starts dribbling 2 balls at once.  I love basketball so much, I can't imagine how I'd react if my child was a phenom.

But on the other hand… it's a kid.  He's 8 now… and he's already the subject of an ESPN piece… which is the direct result of a long-term, viral video campaign.  At some level… people are taking advantage of this kid.

It's very easy to deride this as parents using a kid for their own gain.  I can see that argument very clearly… because that's my gut reaction too.  But I keep going back to being that father…. and seeing that kid be so awesome at the game of basketball.  To know you've got something special right there… and to know how few people have that sort of ability… it's hard to say how any of us would react. 

I highly recommend watching that piece if you've got a few minutes.  I guess what makes the whole thing so compelling is that he could be a Celtics draft pick in 2019… or he could on the September, 2019 cover of Sports Illustrated's "Where Are They Now" issue.

For his sake… I hope he's playing ball.

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