Total Titans questions and answers with a Vikings writer

Total Titans questions and answers with a Vikings writer


Total Titans questions and answers with a Vikings writer


We’re going to resume our question and answer exchanges with a fellow MVN blogger this week and I’d like to hear your input. As usual, we’ll ask four questions about the other writer’s opinions on their team and his thoughts on the game.
One question I will definitely ask will be about his thoughts on the matchup between Albert Haynesworth and the Vikings’ five-time Pro-Bowler and three-time All-Pro left guard Steve Hutchinson, who I regard as the best LG in the league.
I’m not sure yet how to phrase that question. Part of it may concern the guy who lines up next to Hutchinson, six-time Pro Bowl center Matt Birk. How much synergy is there between them? How many times will they double-team Albert?
Your thoughts on the Haynesworth-Hutchinson matchup? How would you like to pose that question? I’ll write more about that matchup tomorrow.
One thing I will not ask him is about Adrian Peterson’s health. I already know what the answer will be. He did OK last week, he’s resting this week and should improve. He’ll be good to go and will probably get his normal 100+ yards. Of course, we don’t know if that will happen or not, but that’s what the answer will be. I’m not going to waste one of our four questions on that.
I’ll probably also ask a general question about his opinion on the game. I’m counting on your comments for the other questions. Please comment on the best questions you can think of and I’ll try to select the best two or from combinations, representative-type questions you have.
Thanks. Your input will be appreciated. I’m looking forward to it.
To read more about thoughts from the Vikings’ point of view, please check out Vikings War Cry here on MVN.

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