Gamecocks Rant #1 of 2008

Gamecocks Rant #1 of 2008

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Gamecocks Rant #1 of 2008


I agree with JR that it seems the USC football team is on the verge of some shaking up for the betterment and rightfully so b/c the team needs some motivation to play better. I truly feel this team has the potential to excel in the upcoming SEC portion of the schedule. Let’s move past the Vandy loss and not talk about that one anymore. Morris got it right with this. There are some issues on the o-fence side of the ball….Spurrier Sr… how about you take command of the offense… no more experiments with Spurrier Jr calling plays for now at least. Let’s get the Cock n fire offense working like a machine before you hand over the keys to your son!

I think there are some guys out there that given the chance they will step up despite what this says b/c they simply need some drive to perform…at least in my view. It seems the team needs a good talking to in my opinion and it is time for our team to man up and get a identity. We have a O line that seems to go through the motions until like the UGA game they get some fire in their belly and play well….boys play your assignments.

I truly feel the big reason our offense has hit the skids is b/c of the QB situation. In my opinion, Beecher/Smelly have not properly gone through their ‘check offs’ of receivers. If the #1 or #2 option is not open then they freak out and don’t know what to do or throw in triple coverage. I know the line is not perfect but the last two home games I have sat in the stands and watched Smelly miss WIDE OPEN WRS/TEs. If I had a dollar for every time Smelly has thrown in triple coverage, I swear I would have 15 dollars by now. Think about it if J Cook has 3 guys around him then some other receiver has to be a little more open…just sayn’. Also for god’s sake throw a pass down the field….please just try, I know the QBs we have can throw the ball in the air at least 30 yards….please try! Smelly try to aim small so you will quite overthrowing receivers. Also let’s quite forcing passes and another thing – J Cook and McKinley do not need to meet their quota for catches per game…just get the ball to the open receiver and stop always looking in their direction!

I have good vibes with the UAB game…not b/c they suck and we will win but b/c we will see some players given a chance to perform so step right up! I think our running game will be great and passing will be better than in the past. Baker is still one of the best weapons and Garcia needs to have a come to Jesus talk with himself and be the player we all know he can be! Garcia needs to at least be put in the game for more than 3 plays to see what he has… Spurrier please get creative with the offense…it is 2008 and a lot has changed from the UF days…We all know you are a great coach and have a great offensive mind so by all means get creative with the ball….I close with one prayer and that is for USC to have for once this season NO TURNOVERS in a game!

I will now step down from my soap box….GO COCKS!

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