Bay Puts the Sox on Top

Bay Puts the Sox on Top

Red Sox

Bay Puts the Sox on Top


When Ellsbury ripped a leadoff double it looked like the Sox were going to roll in this one. When they stranded him on third to end the first it looked like runs would be hard to come by. The Angels blew some early opportunites but did take advantage of an error by Lowrie to take the lead. Bay was having problems at the plate with two K’s before connecting with a pitch up in the zone to hit a two-run tater (the Greek God of Walks was on first) to give the lead to the Sox. Tito has some choices to make as we reach the later innings. Lester struck out the side in the 6th but is around 100 pitches. Oki is up in the pen, will he get the call?

UPDATE: Masterson gets the call for the 8th, let’s see what kind of intestinal fortitude this kid has.

UPDATE II: Thanks Vlad, A-Rod just called and said you are getting dangerously close to his title of being Mr. Choktober. (Maybe next time you can try the limp-wristed swat at Lowell’s glove.) A run in the 9th would be nice before Paps tries to close it out.

UPDATE III: Traffic Jam on I-5 as Angels fans all leave the game after 8 1/2 innings.

Red Sox Win 4-1 BOX SCORE

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