Bay vs. Manny: The Story That Won't Go Away

Bay vs. Manny: The Story That Won't Go Away

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Bay vs. Manny: The Story That Won't Go Away


We had a few months off of the Manny vs. Jason Bay news but it is back in your face more than ever. Maybe if the Dodgers had not made the playoffs we would not be hearing much but Manny looms as large as ever in October. I have to say, after Manny went yard at Wrigley and Bay struck out in his first two ABs I was starting to wonder if the Red Sox had made a mistake for the ages. For a brief moment, in Theo I did not trust. Bay quickly erased my fears.

The comparisons between the two will be beaten to death throughout the playoffs; one can only imagine what will happen if they meet in the fall classic. When Bay put the Sox on the board the announcers brought up Manny. As soon as the game was over the first question to Bay was, “how did it feel to have to replace Manny Ramirez?”

Most of Red Sox Nation has moved on from the Manny Ramirez drama of midseason but the drama in now back on the national stage. If either Bay or Ramirez end up on the winning team of the World Series people will claim it was all because of the trade. In reality baseball is a team game and it takes a team to win, Jason Bay knows this. Does Manny?

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