Leaving Olympus-The MMTTB report.

Leaving Olympus-The MMTTB report.


Leaving Olympus-The MMTTB report.


Here lies a fallen god. His fall was not a small one.
Yes, it is with a heavy heart that I bring you all the MMTTB report today. Just a few weeks ago, we were all basking in the collective glow that emanated from the countenance of everyone’s favorite front office combo. Their combined luminescence promised to usher in a new era of harmonic convergence among us mere mortals. But now? Oh what rough beast is man! Our enlightened duo has fallen hard from the slopes on high where they supped with the divine, and now wallow in the mud with the rest of us.
Since last we saw Thompson and McCarthy, their protege Aaron Rodgers has lost not one, but two games and seen a precipitous drop in every major passing statistic. The Packers have gone from being seen as a potential contender in the NFC, to being one of the major question marks. What’s more, terrible luck has befallen the new Packers QB! He is injured! There was surely no way to forsee this! He is nursing a sprained shoulder, and his ability to play and/or produce is in serious question. This is just bad luck, right? Aaron Rodgers has no history of getting hurt? Right?
Meanwhile, the cursed Favre played Dr. Lecter on the Arizona secondary, throwing for a career high 6 touchdowns. For one so callously tossed from the halls of football’s valhala, he’s doing pretty well for his new team. So what to make of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson? Whereas once the media had deemed them worthy of the highest prose, they are now reduced to cheap cliches. That is to say…we see the wheels turning, but the hamster might well be dead. Their IQ this week: 69. They are morons, but highly functioning ones!


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