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Does anyone think the SOX look a lot like the SHAQ-KOBE Lakers? (Please forgive me for this comparison)

The way the team handled the regular season, like it was just a tune-up. Think about the way they handled all of the injuries. Never was anyone rushed back. If anything, people were given more time than they needed. I almost seemed like they knew they would make the post-season, and thought that their team matched up well with anyone. Think about how they “chased” the division. Did it really every seem like they placed any value on winning the division? When you are still able to win a division, you don’t start David Pauley against a full Yankees team. You just don’t. Unless you are more concerned with winning in the post-season. I say, well done.

I know the Halos beat the SOX 8 out of 9 games this year, but looking closer at the stats, does anyone think that because they won 100 games that makes them the best team in the league. They played 35% of their games against 3 teams in their TERRIBLE division that didn’t finish over .500. On the flip side, the SOX played 45% of their games against the AL East (4th place Toronto finished 10 games over .500 and would have won the NL West), a division with 3 of the 5 MLB teams that finished with a run differential of 100 or more. What does all of that mean? Day in, day out the SOX were playing more complete teams.

I thought it was classic that the TBS announcers mentioned the Angels fans heading for the gates early. So much for the rabid squirrel.

On another subject, did anyone think that Lester was getting squeezed on the strike zone? There were a lot of pitches that looked like strikes that weren’t getting called. I thought he did a great job of not letting it get into his head.

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