TBS v. Fox

TBS v. Fox

Red Sox

TBS v. Fox


No contest! Thank Christ Fox is not broadcasting the playoffs! Although I don’t particularly care for the sound of Buck Martinez’s voice, what he has to say is a helluva lot more interesting than Ken Rosenthal or Jeanie Zelasko and company. I’d still rather be watching NESN, but TBS works just fine for me, (except for the ‘shotgun’ commercials and that damn fanfare they play too much.)
During the post-game show, they showed the Kirk Gibson walk off HR off of Eck, who is on the TBS panel. They were discussing the origin of the ‘walk-off’ phrase when Eck said he used that term before that game. He called that Gibson HR a ‘Walk-off Johnson’.
And whatever happened to Don Orsillo? Wasn’t he supposed to be working this game?

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