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Your Thursday Linkage

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Your Thursday Linkage


Well, after doing several things here at the office, I will take a break and give you some links.

Starting with Neil Best of Newsday who in a roundabout way tells us that SNY is reairing the Shea Stadium closing ceremonies on Friday. Neil says ESPN officially announced that Matthew Barnaby will be the network’s NHL analyst.

Holly Sanders of the New York Post says the Olympics beat out the Super Bowl as far as advertisers’ reach is concerned.

USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at various sports web series that go where TV cannot.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell likes it when athletes really use the products they endorse.

Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News wants TBS to cool it with the Frank TV promos during the League Division Series. I’ll agree with Barry on this one. Barry has the five highest rated college football games of the season to date. Finally, Barry says he won’t be criticizing Matthew Barnaby any time soon.

Count Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News as another who’s sick of the Frank TV promos.

Maury Brown’s Biz of Baseball site has the comments made by the TBS announcing teams before, during and after Wednesday’s games.

Bruce Allen of the Boston Sports Media Watch has a look at Los Angeles Times’ columnist TJ Simers taking a shot at Boston Herald columnist Gerry Callahan. And Bruce notices that former Herald Patriots beat reporter Michael Felger gave some insight into the locker room.

Slate’s King Kaufman is enjoying watching the League Division Series on TBS.

Tom Fornelli of the AOL Fanhouse blog wants TBS to dump Dick Stockton.

Tom Jones of the St. Petersburg Times wants the national media to call the Tampa Bay Rays by their right name.

Jim Williams of the DC Examiner has comments from Fox Sports’ Brian Billick and Showtime’s Warren Sapp on Raiders owner Al Davis.

Jeffrey Flanagan of the Kansas City Star has CBS’ Rich Gannon saying working for the Raiders is impossible.

David Rutz of the Tennessean says Vanderbilt has suddenly become an ESPN favorite.

George James Malik of Michigan Live’s Snapshots blog has the transcript of an NHL media conference call involving TSN’s Pierre McGuirre, NBC/Versus’ Eddie Olczyk, NBC/CBC’s Mike Milbury and CBC’s Don Cherry.

John Altavilla of the Hartford Courant who is apparently rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays, says the UConn women’s basketball team will have nine appearances on national TV this upcoming season.

Comcast SportsNet Northwest is going to be launching in Seattle providing the area with coverage of the Portland Trail Blazers now that the Sonics have abandoned town.

That will do it for now. I’ll be finishing up my Amazing Race 13 recap so I won’t have an update tonight.

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