Save of the Year Competition: Round Three

Save of the Year Competition: Round Three

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Save of the Year Competition: Round Three


I don’t think the NHL has had such a competitive competition (can I say that?) for save of the year so early in the season.

First it was Carey Price with an absolutely stunning stick save during the pre-season against Detroit. That was the kind of save legends are made of. We all thought that was where the competition would end, and declared it over before the season even started.

But no, it would not end there.

Last week Marty Brodeur made a stick save of us own to try and one-up Price. He wasn’t about to let the youngster steal the show and push him off to the side. So naturally, Marty stayed up all night thinking up some hair brained scheme, which as it turns out, worked quite well actually. His stick save came with only :13 left in the Devils home opener against the Islanders. With his team clinging to a 2-1 lead, he did what he does best.

So, naturally, Carey Price had to come back and try to one-up Broduer. It’s a good ol’ fashioned gentleman’s quarrel. Price couldn’t sit around and let Marty steal all his thunder so last night, he made his move. Diligent reader Grrrreg sent in this clip of Price from Montreal’s 5-3 defeat of the Flyers in Philadelphia last night. You might have to wait to see a couple angles on this play, as the overhead view may be the best. But it was a really sick play. So sick in fact that even all the Flyer fans in attendance got faked out, thinking it was a goal. Even Danny Briere thought he had scored, but Price picked the puck out of the air while laying flat on his back, and secured it in his crotch — a very nice glove save.

This is sort of turning into a really entertaining game of H-O-R-S-E between goaltenders. It’s your move now, Broduer. Let’s see what you got._uacct = “UA-1868762-1”; urchinTracker();

BallHype – Save of the Year Competition: Round Three

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