"I ’m More In Tune With What’s Going On"

"I ’m More In Tune With What’s Going On"

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"I ’m More In Tune With What’s Going On"


Eddie House is looking and feeling good… which is pretty good news for a team that brought in Sam Cassell last year because they were so concerned about Eddie's ability to back up Rajon Rondo.

But it's a different season… and a slightly different situation.

“The only thing that feels different is that I’m more in tune with what’s going on offensive.  I was still learning the plays for a while last year. I mean, you can know the plays, but it’s different when you know them without having to think about it. It’s like second nature. It’s the same with the defensive principles. Coming from another team that has different principles, you have to adjust and get that down.

“Now that I’ve got a whole year under my belt here, I just feel a lot more comfortable about playing the game.”

This might be the most important story that's not getting its deserved attention so far this preseason.  Eddie House progressing in this role means much less Sam Cassell.  There's even talk about him just becoming a coach now… rather than later.  I'm all for it.  If it happens now.. then we don't have to cut or trade anyone.

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