If I were the GM: Al

If I were the GM: Al


If I were the GM: Al


If I were the GM is going to be a semiregular piece for as long as I feel like it through the offseason.
I posed this question to my coworker Al (bringing out the heavy hitters!), who is a Twins fan. His thoughts on what the Twins should do are below:

I look to add another consistent power hitter, while keeping the batting order, for the most part, in place. We have some young talent that showed this year. Delmon was a little disappointing this year but he will turn it around. I didn’t like the rumors that we were looking to deal him. Upgrade the bullpen by getting rid of Matt Guerrier (9-17 career, 5.19 ERA this year, 3 saves over his five year career) and Craig Breslow (0-4 career and really doesn’t have anything special). I might also consider adding a veteran starting pitcher depending on who is out there. It would have to be someone good and reliable to make it worth our while because we have some good talent in that position too.

Thanks Al! I’ll be publishing more of these over the coming days, so drop me an e-mail (thevictimes[at]gmail.com) and we’ll include what you would do if you were the GM, and of course, we’ll be including some other folks from the internet! In the comments, go ahead and let Al know what you you think, agree, disagree, etc.

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