It Was Gerald Green!

It Was Gerald Green!

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It Was Gerald Green!


Remember the story in the middle of…….. that season…….. two years ago when Doc Rivers had to tell his players what proper nutrition was after he saw someone eating a hamburger before a game?

Well… after reading this story… I'm pretty confident it was Gerald Green.

About the only area Gerald Green isn’t looking to refine in his critically important fourth season is his pregame meal: an arena hot dog, with ketchup.

"Ever since I got in the league," the former prep prodigy from Houston said as he peeled back the foil wrapper before the Dallas Mavericks’ first preseason loss Wednesday, 100-93, to the Indiana Pacers. "It was a Snickers and a Coke in high school, but candy will mess up your teeth."

I'm not saying there's a connection between eating that swill and struggling to make an NBA team… but I AM saying there's a connection with his total lack of development and the kind of mind set that thinks eating a hot dog before a game is OK. 

Nutrition matters.  This world is filled with super-athletes that can run, jump and even shoot a basketball.  But the people who care enough to watch what they eat are the people who care enough to develop their game.

It's like those studies you keep hearing about how people who floss regularly have healthier hearts.  It's not because flossing helps your heart.  It's the TYPE of person who flosses regularly.  That's the type of person who cares enough about health to have a healthier heart.  If Gerald doesn't care enough to eat properly… then he's not the TYPE of person to prepare himself properly.  And that's why he can't hook on with a team despite all his physical gifts.

(Via Ball Don't Lie)

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