Some Thursday Linkage

Some Thursday Linkage

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Some Thursday Linkage


I can’t do a full-fledged update, but I will give you a truncated version of the links right now.

The LA Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth writes that ESPN will mark today’s 40 anniversary of the Black Power salute by John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

Christopher Byrne in his Eye on Sports Media blog discusses the SEC’s 12:30 p.m. kickoff times and Vanderbilt’s being showcased on Raycom this late in the season.

Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News has Fox’s Troy Aikman being riled up about the Boomer Esiason comments that he was biased towards the Cowboys last Sunday.

Dan Lamothe of the Red Sox Monster blog says a songwriter is suing Bon Jovi for plagiarism stating “I Love This Town” used on TBS’ MLB coverage is similar to his work. The Sox & Dawgs blog has the songwriter’s statements from his MySpace blog.

Newsday’s Neil Best has Inside the NFL’s Warren Sapp calling former Bucs teammate Keyshawn Johnson a malcontent.

Laura Nachman has some thoughts on Game 5 of the NLCS.

Maury Brown of the Biz of Baseball has his reaction to Fox delaying Game 6 of the World Series for a Barack Obama time buy.

MG Siegler of the New York Times says ESPN is coming to the iPhone with an addictive bar game. Great.

Mike Campbell of the Anchorage Daily News writes that the Great Alaska Shootout has signed a local TV deal after ESPN dropped it earlier this year.

The Pac 10 Conference has released its mens basketball TV schedule.

Bob Thomas of the Florida Times-Union writes that ESPN’s Thursday Night Football can be filled with surprises.

Since this is the 20th anniversary of the Kirk Gibson home run for the Los Angeles Dodgers, here’s a video clip narrated by the great Vin Scully.

Bill Bradley of the Sacramento Bee says the NFL’s plans for spring football helps the league in several ways.

That will do it for now.

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