A Handy Guide to What You Missed This Weekend: 11.3.08

A Handy Guide to What You Missed This Weekend: 11.3.08

Barry Melrose Rocks

A Handy Guide to What You Missed This Weekend: 11.3.08


[ Drinking and Driving is Still Illegal ]

OK, I’m going to say this for the last time people. Driving anything that can remotely be construed as a motor vehicle, also known as something with a motor that gets you from place to place, is illegal if you are under the influence of alcohol. Now this may come as no surprise to, well, all of you but there are a select few that need an extra reminder.

Motorized Cooler Man, I’m looking at you.

You too, Drunk Zamboni Driver Lady.

While it may seem harmless to take your motorized cooler or Zamboni out for a spin on Friday night, you need to be careful. You might just get a DUI for it as an unidentified Kingsillve, Ontario woman did recently.

At around 9:40 p.m. Thursday, an off-duty Kingsville OPP sergeant who happened to be at the arena was approached by a number of citizens telling him “I think the Zamboni driver is drunk.”

On more than one occasion the Zamboni struck the boards and at one point the machine was stopped and the woman was slumped over the steering wheel.

Remember Zamboni drivers, always give the bartender your keys.

[ Words “Puck” and “Daddy” Not Found in Vocabulary of MSM ]

A funny subplot has unfolded after Puck Daddy’s interview with Alexander Semin last week. Of course you probably know about the fun things that Semin said, which have now taken on a life of their own in the North American media.

What you might have missed is how the Main Stream Media is handling a, you know, blog beating them to the punch on a big story. Sean Leahy has the recap of their reactions and to summarize, they’re either: A) Still not sure what a blog is or B) Completely in denial about the whole situation.

If you want a complete recap, head on over to the always informative Going Five Hole. I’ve copied the funniest example over here.

“But he was in fine form for a Russian publication when saying, basically, that Sidney Crosby is overrated. “

Yes folks, that is from Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal. Mr. Matheson either things the folks over at Puck Daddy are Russian, which is a mistake that could be avoided with simple fact checking. And to think I thought the MSM always fact checked! I am so naive.

[ The Revolution Has Started in Toronto ]

On Friday a group of Toronto Maple Leafs bloggers started a revolution in T.O. They’re tired of the Toronto media trashing on the fans — which honestly is a bit confusing — because the fans, well, aren’t actually in charge of the team. Most recently it was Howard Berger of HockyBuzz calling them the Most Valuable Losers.

“…we’ve seen the same cookie-cutter article before from virtually everyone who covers the team.

Quite frankly, we’ve had enough.

As fans, we believe that those most deserving of our praise and our scorn are directly involve in the game, whether it’s on the ice, in the press box or in the executive corridors. Fans don’t pencil in the starting five, make bad trades, or write the headlines of the day and shouldn’t be blamed (or praised) for the totals in the wins and loss column.”

Wait, so fans don’t create the starting lineup? So you mean to tell me Garth Snow has been ignoring me all this time? And to think I just thought that he couldn’t read my hand writing. Garth, two words: Fire Hilbert.

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