Paul Piece Wants To Leave A Legacy

Paul Piece Wants To Leave A Legacy

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Paul Piece Wants To Leave A Legacy


I really dig that outfit Pierce is rocking on the new Boston Common magazine.  Seriously.  That's a sharp look.  I'm going to start putting my money aside so I can buy that in 2 years.  I wonder if the Truth's tailor has a layaway plan.

I'm also digging Paul's retirement plan… which he spells out to the Herald

As for Pierce’s retirement plan, he sees himself staying in Boston. “My life is Boston. I feel like I might open up some restaurants, maybe a sports bar or a car dealership. None of the other greats have done that. They won here,” but none left a legacy, he said.

Now THAT is a commitment to the city.   Paul is showing some amazing maturity.  That should not be overlooked. 

Paul Pierce can learn a thing or two from Magic Johnson.  He not only became a mogul after playing hoops, he did it in a way that boosted the black community.  Paul Pierce's money and star power could create jobs and reinvigorate some communities that have fallen on hard times.  This should earn Paul a lot of respect.

His business ventures, however, might not start until he comes back from finishing his career in Greece. 

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