Just the fax, man...just the fax

Just the fax, man...just the fax

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Just the fax, man...just the fax


I’d love to tell you that I’ve been so busy with work or other projects that I haven’t been able to fulfill my duties here…but it would be a lie. Fact is, even with all that has happened since we’ve last talked (the World Series, etc.) I’ve had precious little to say.

Oh…and I’ve rekindled my unhealthy relationship with John Madden via my Playstation. Damn you, John Madden! Damn you straight to Hades you marbled-mouthed old fool!

Okay, now that I’ve cleared the air…there was ONE thing that got my blood boiling. What is it you ask? Click this link (HERE) and then come back on over…I’ll wait.






Alright…are you back?


Really, San Diego…by fax? You relieved (pun intended) the most prolific closer in Major League Baseball history via FAX?!? This is a guy that, and here comes the shameless plug, Jeff Montgomery told me was “obviously” a Hall of Famer.

Why the disrespect San Diego? Was the four million Hoffman was asking for too much?

By comparison, the 41 year-old Hoffman’s 30 saves were better than high priced counterparts Todd Jones (18 saves, $7 million), Jason Isringhausen (12 saves, $8 million) and Eric Gagne (10 saves, $10 million).

Sure, Hoffman had an off year. But you know what Padres…so did you! Next time, you release a guy by fax…recognize the fact that he saved 30 of your 63 victories. And somehow, I don’t think the four saves he blew keep you from the playoffs.

Alright, all that being said, let’s get to the REAL reason I posted this diatribe. That’s right…here’s more from Monty!

Regarding former teammate George Brett:
“George Brett was a great teammate for anyone to have the opportunity to play with. It didn’t matter if you were a September call up or a veteran player, George helped make you feel comfortable even in tough times. When he got his 3000 hit I gave him a desk clock with Lou, The Ultimate Professional, Congratulations on number 3000, Monty engraved on it as I felt that “The Ultimate Professional” summed him up best. Lou was his nickname.”

Toughest out:
Harold Baines (Hall of Famer or not, he was my toughest out), Don Mattingly, Kirby Puckett and Cal Ripken to name a few.”

Surprisingly easy out:
“He wasn’t an easy out but I had very good success against Joe Carter until he hit two homers against me late in my career. One was when I was pitching my third or fourth night in a row and one was a mop up game. I only remember this about Joe because he is my current neighbor and someone told me the statistics.”

Regarding Jim Edmonds and his Hall of Fame chances:
“I agree with you on Edmonds . If you could measure the plays he made on defense that not many others have a way of making, it would certainly add to his credentials.”

Batter (past or present) that Monty would have loved to have faced…but never got the chance:
“Pete Rose or Babe Ruth”

Regarding his All-Star appearances:
“Of my three All-Star Games, 1993 was the best as we won, I pitched well, and I loved going to Baltimore since I had several friends there and my family would normally come in from Ohio.”

Major influences:
“Pete Rose was the player I tried to play like as a kid. My Dad was usually the one I would call for advice about my career.”

On his predecessor in Kansas City…Dan Quisenberry:
“I knew Quiz had put up some great numbers and never thought of myself as one who would eclipse his save total. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunities and worked hard to stay healthy.”

Prediction for 2009:
“I will not be surprised if K-Rod blows out his arm next year.”


Maybe whatever team decides they want to break the bank on K-Rod should just drop the four million on Hoffman. It MIGHT just be a better decision.

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