Torn between two options

Torn between two options

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Torn between two options


The BBC has spent some time recently documenting the road to Ohio State’s fourth consecutive Big Ten Championship.  I will reiterate that this does NOT happen unless Ohio State defeats BOTH Illinois and Michigan, so no printing t-shirts just yet….

I believe that the road to the Big Ten Championship is significantly easier this year than in years past (based on a lack of defense from both Illinois and Michigan, compared to the better teams fielded by both schools previously).  But getting to the Rose Bowl now becomes the ultimate goal for the Buckeyes.  In order to do that, we need help.

If Michigan State beats Penn State in 9 days, and we win both our remaining games, we get the automatic invite to Pasadena to play for the roses.  Yes, I want that option badly.

But if that happens, a streak that I often gloat about will be destroyed.  You see, Ohio State is the ONLY university in Division 1 college football to be able to claim the following accomplishment.

Over the past four seasons, we have never lost to a school that didn’t play in a BCS Bowl the same season.

  • 2005 – Texas, eventual National Champions
  • 2005 – Penn State, won Orange Bowl
  • 2006 – Florida, eventual National Champions
  • 2007 – Illinois, lost Rose Bowl
  • 2007 – LSU, eventual National Champions
  • 2008 – USC, likely BCS Bowl
  • 2008 – Penn State, likely BCS Bowl

EVERY other team has lost to someone they shouldn’t have.  Not us.  We have ONLY lost to the elite schools, nothing more.

But if we get to the Rose Bowl, Penn State will not make a BCS Bowl.  Because it will mean that Penn State lost to Michigan State, and no BCS Bowl will take the third-place team from the Big Ten over a co-champion.  No way, no how.

So I’m torn.  Do I want that streak, or do I want the Rose?

Oh, fuck it…I want the Rose.  Go Spartans.

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