Wolves Updates 11-12 Part 2

Wolves Updates 11-12 Part 2

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Wolves Updates 11-12 Part 2


After all that, this is probably the most important thing: You don’t make moves like the Wolves did last summer — moves that were supposed to make them noticeably better — and start 1-6 with a murderous schedule between now and Thanksgiving — without someone getting blamed. So who’s it going to be first: The coach? Kevin McHale and his staff? Or a significant player or players?
Something’s going to happen. The question is who and when?
No, where Wittman fell down on the job was in leaving Kevin Love on the bench for the entire fourth quarter and overtime. It was inexplicable and had me swearing at the television set with a fervor normally reserved for stupid commercials and politicians.
Mayo’s certainly making a believer out of Griz head coach Marc Iavaroni, who originally fought to keep the draft rights to forward Kevin Love rather than use it in a deal to acquire Mayo from Minnesota.
From Charles Hallman/Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder:
“I don’t think I was a bad coach when I was here,” said Casey.

He wasn’t. The Wolves were 20-20 when he was canned almost midway through the 2006-07 season. The team hasn’t been at .500 since. Casey’s 53 wins place him second all-time among the team’s winningest coaches.
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