Bonnell on McCants to Charlotte rumor

Bonnell on McCants to Charlotte rumor

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Bonnell on McCants to Charlotte rumor


A comment Rick Bonnell/Charlotte Observer left on his blog about rumors of McCants being traded to the Bobcats for Gerald Wallace.

I asked a source about that Minnesota stuff. He didn’t totally dismiss the idea of some trade with the Timberwolves, but he sounded like Wallace for McCants and Collins would be pretty hard to justify.

In my mind, that would be nothing but a salary dump. What does this team need with another shooting guard and another $6 million center of limited ability? The only incentive for such a deal would be acquiring short-term contracts in exchange for Gerald’s long-term deal.

But what a terrible message you’d be sending to the fans; Gerald plays as hard as anyone in this league, and you’d exchange him for some future cap room?


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