Friends in Low Places

Friends in Low Places


Friends in Low Places


Our friends over at Cold Hard Football Facts have paid us quite the honor today.  Despite our incessant good-natured ribbing of them, they still found room in their icy New England loving hearts to name us their blog of the week.  Their words for us are kind, and much better than we deserve.  I suppose we could take offense to the Woody references, but Harrelson actually managed a career after Cheers that didn’t involve weight gain or CBS, so we’re ok with it.

Actually, almost from the birth of, CHFF has been there promoting our (mostly) faux disdain for them, and by extension promoting us.  They’ve given us a hand getting the word out several times about pieces we wrote, although I could have done without the death threats (and JC) that came along with their promotion of 88 Reasons to Hate the Patriots.  For all of that, not to mention the entertainment value of their actual work (which I ashamedly read with my monitor tilted away from the open door, and one eye on my wife and kids in the other room), I offer my hearty thanks. 

So once again, many thanks to CHFF for throwing a bone to us lowly bloggers.  You guys are the best.  We wouldn’t link to you so many times each week if it wasn’t true. I mean that.  Oh and by the way, the note on this week’s Colts game was dead on.  Of course we know why runs to the right aren’t working (cough, Pollack, cough).  It’s a key observation though and timely in its delivery.

(I will now go shower thoroughly).

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